Special Thandai

This one is a rather special and exhaustive post..

The festival of colours is less than a week away and it’s incomplete without Thandai.. The special drink with infused flavours..

Here is a list of exhaustive ingredients.. Make sure you have all of them ready before you start. You may use milk of your choice. Cows milk is preferable.

Let’s get started…

Boil milk and add sugar..once the milk is cool keep it refrigerated overnight. 

Soak fennel seeds, poppy seeds,melon seeds, mishri, gulkand, black peppercorns and dried rose petals in water. Enough only to submerge for 2 hours. Grind to a fine paste in a mixer. Add this to milk and keep in refrigerator for flavours to infuse for an hour or so. Once done remove and drive through a Muslim cloth. 

In the meanwhil, take little lukewarm milk and soak the saffron strands. Add all the remaining ingredients (crushed cardamom, almond, rose water and saffron) to milk and serve garnished with pistachio and almond flakes. 

Churn the mixture to get the froth.

Enjoy a hearty glass of THANDAI with some Bhaang..

Holi Haiii!!! Enjoyy the festival of colours..get high make merry..


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