Aam Papad Roll-Ups

mango rolls
Scorching heat…omg…

blessing in disguise for these perfect mango rolls..
this is a trademark dish in the family…going on for generations…come mango season and kids start asking for aam papad roll..
these bite sized pieces is pure delight anytime of the day or night. it also satiates the sugar cravings I have at odd hours…there is nothing more yumm than a freshly made aam papad roll…trust me when I say it…and taste it to believe it…
I can never make a complete batch without tasting a few pieces…I have one…and then as If the taste will change…I try yet another one…and those rolls that are not neatly rolled…oh…they deserve a place in my tummy..
(perhaps I intentionally made that roll…lolol)
anyway…lets get started..


1 kg Mango ( i use bainganfalli)

4 TableSpoons Sugar (adjust to taste)

ghee for greasing only.


1. Peel the mangoes. I use benganafalli aam. (also called bainganfalli…for its shape I guess)


2. Cut the mangoes into pieces and add sugar.


3.  Churn it in a mixer and pass through a sieve. In the meantime, take a big plate and grease it with ghee.


4. Put dollops of the sieved mixture on the greased plate.


5. Spread the mixture evenly. Thickness can vary as per your preferences but it should be spread evenly using your fingertips. This step is tricky but with practice you will get it right.


.6. Let it sun dry for a few hours. To test touch the surface if it feels non greasy its done. Cut strips of 2 × 2 inches and roll evenly.


7. Keep the rolls in another plate and let them dry completely before packing them into zip lock bags. Enjoyyyy…:-)


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