Oreo Truffles

Hey friends,

Last week I was making a few simple chocolates…rum raisin..roasted almond….On the weekend I went to a mall and on the shelf were these delectable Godiva  and Patchi truffles. The prices were so high!! I thought to myself, why are they so expensive? I wish I could have just one and need not buy the whole box. The whole time , I was dreaming about truffles…its flavours and taste..Came home…searched the web..not much of a help.

But voila, I came across this youtube video which was about making homemade truffles by HowtoCookThat – Ann Reardon.

Not a very detailed vdo but I got my ideas and started working with it..

Spent the entire Sunday afternoon making these delectable melt in the mouth oreo truffles…

This is the result…



Ingredients for the truffle centre:

  • 200grams Oreo cookies (any flavor)
  • 60 grams cream
  • 60 grams dark chocolate


Remove the butter cream centre from each cookie and roll it into a round. Place on a butter paper and refrigerate.

Put cream and chocolate in a microwave safe bowl. Melt it for 30 seconds. The ganache is ready.

In a zip lock bag, put the oreo biscuits. Crush it using a rolling pin until fine and crumbly. Make sure there are no solid chunks. Add this crushed mixture to the ganache . Mix well. Refrigerate this mixture  for a few minutes until its easy to handle and not too soft and sticky.

To make the truffle , take a tea spoon of the ganache mixture. Make a round in between ur palms. In the centre add the chilled butter cream. Place all these rounds on a greased dish and refrigerate again.

Ingredients for the outer shell:

  • 100 grams White chocolate
  • 100 gras Dark chocolate
  • Colored sprinklers


Melt white chocolate and dark chocolate in separate microwave safe bowls. Using a tooth pick or a fork , dip each truffle into your desired chocolate slab. Pour sprinklers on the top before it is set.

You can also use a fork to make the design with a contrast chocolate.

Let the chocolate firm at room temperature. Truffles are ready to serve. They can be refrigerated and consumed within a week.

Enjoy…and leave a comment…:-)

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